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So far, so good

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed partners and colleagues for their unwavering support and collaboration since 1998. Our journey together has been marked by success and continuous growth, and we look forward to many more years of fruitful partnership ahead.

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We are introducing our recently developed LXP features to the market. Our Learning Experience Package has been developed in close cooperation with a major customer. It focuses to align the requirements of HR with personalized learning recommendations.

2023 - 25 Years SoftDeCC!

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary!

We are happy to welcome three new colleagues to enforce our development team.

SoftDeCC Service GmbH has this year been merged with SoftDeCC Software GmbH. There are no changes for our partners and customers. All contact persons remain the same and services will continue unchanged. We are looking forward to an even closer and more efficient cooperation.


We have joined forces with Forum Family GmbH in order to get even better. Sole CEO is now Georg Nüssel.


Thanks to close virtual cooperation with partners and employees we managed the pandemic experience well.


We congratulate our partner SoftDeCC Service GmbH to their 20th anniversary. SoftDeCC Service offers hotline and online support services concering all questions concerning TCmanager®  Learning Management System.
This years networking event TCmanager®-Forum war first time as an online-event. We thank all participants for their interest and great feedback. We are looking forward to continous communication during the next year.

Due to the pandemic we had to cancel our participation on several events. However, our technical infrastructure and our flexible home-office solution we can carry on our customer projects and consulting services regardlessly.


We are happy to anounce, that we have been awarded two Elearning Awards. The celebrations and ceremonies were taken place at didacta 2019 in Hannover.

2018 - Our 20th Anniversary

TCmanager® has been enhanced by a standard learning platform which can go life speedily and add to immediate productivity of training centres.

Also we have been granted an eLearning Award for our successful 20 years of continous LMS-development. TCmanager LMS has also been tested by various media such as and eLearning-Journal. We are very proud of the positive feedback as well as our 'Excellent'-Label


We are currently undergoing the quality management certification process ISO 9001. This review of our business processes is to ensure that our partners can be sure of a strong and stabile product and efficient business processes to maximize the value they expect at any time.


The jury of the award 'Innovationspreis IT' has rated TCmanager® within the category 'Human Resources' as an excellent solution. Thus TCmanager can be found on the shortlist 'Best of 2016'. Moreover the gremium forming the Industriepreis 2016 jury has confirmed this assesment.

This year our webbased LMS will come to life, thanks to the efforts of by now 25 colleagues. From autumn on the prototype will be screened and extensively tested by one of our major partners. The TCmanager® webclient will start out as an enhancement featuring many webbased features, so our clients and partners can work even more flexibly with it.

The support and hotline crew of SoftDeCC Service GmbH moves in next to to SoftDeCC Software GmbH. We are looking forward to improved communications between key account, support staff and developer team and therefore improved customer services.


We are happy as this year we have been granted an eLearning Award for our project 'Quality Management', which we have submitted together with our partner Schenker Deutschland AG.


This year we have won an eLearning Award within the category 'Mobile Learning'. This is by the way the 5th time. Furthermore TCmanager® has also been awarded with the 'Innovationspreis IT' within the category 'Elearning'. This award also underlines the usability of the software focusing on middle-sized corporations and the innovative use of employed technologies.


This year we are 22 Co-workers at SoftDeCC Software GmbH. Ten more colleagues work for our sister company SoftDeCC Service GmbH. Still our focus is the development of TCmanager® LMS and customer support.


We won an eLearning Award for the submitted project 'International Staff Training' with our partner Kyocera Document Solutions. Simultaneously the roots of our software are updated to the latest state of the art in IT. Our system architecture is fundamentally reedited and stabilized.


The project 'Change Management' which we have submitted with our partner 'HypoVereinsbank' has been granted an elearning Award for the second time. Also we have moved our offices within Munich. This year we count 19 colleagues.


Our add-on feature 'Testgenerator' has won the very first eLearning Award ever.


SoftDeCC Service has now 7 colleagues and moves to the offices Nymphenburgerstraße.


TCmanager® is registered as a trademark. Our company is growing steadily. Thus we have rented new offices next door.


Mainly the functionalities order management, seminars, the elearning platform and budget administration are developed further.


Java-Servlets are increasingly replaced by webservices. TCmanager is employed more and more for staff development tasks.


We do not have enough space at our offices in Rosenheimer Straße and therefore move to our own place at Kobellstraße.


Founding of the sister company SoftDeCC Service GmbH for hotline and training support. The very first TCmanager® Forum takes place in Nuremberg.


Course catalogues are the very first webcomponents which have been added to TCmanager. As common in 1999 static HTML-Pages were employed.


SoftDeCC Software GmbH is founded by Ralf Malis, Georg Nüssel, Jost Richstein and Gerd Wilts.


The development of TCmanager® Training Administration Software is continued by a group of freelancers. The Core System of TCmanager® has evolved from a system named SIS by Digital Equipment.


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