System Integration with Interfaces & API

In-Depth System Integration

Deep system integration increases the level of digitalization in your company and thus the benefits of your learning environment. An integrated learning landscape, which perfectly reflects your requirements, consists of an ensemble of training management, learning platforms, collaboration tools, and other business applications such as HR and finance.

For your secure and precise data exchange, we integrate your standard software, such as:

MS Teams
LinkedIn Learning
Sage HR

and many more...


Secure Data Exchange, Automation & Robots

Using interfaces and web services, we deeply integrate TCmanager® LMS into your system landscape. This ensures secure data exchange between different applications.

Automated processes and precise robots increase your organization's productivity. You will benefit from a higher level of digitalization.

Your IT-Safety is crucial to us. TCmanager® LMS therefore features a superior role- and rights concept, as well as detailed data history, which satisfies the high standards of our clients.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication method that allows users to log in once to an application or platform and then access multiple linked services without the need to log in again.

The integration of Single Sign-On offers various benefits to administrators and users:

Single Sign On
  • Convenience, Efficiency, and Seamless User Experience: SSO simplifies the login process, enhances efficiency, and provides our users with a seamless experience.
  • Security and Risk Mitigation: SSO reduces the number of passwords, increasing security, and enabling better monitoring and response to potential threats.
  • Central User Management: Our administrators can centrally manage access rights, facilitating compliance with security standards and administration.

API - Programming Interface

TCmanager® Web Service is a collection of methods to support advanced learning architecture in professional education and academy management. To integrate software applications, which do not come with a standard interface, employ TCmanager´s webservice-based API (programing interface) to create seamless data exchange.

If you would like to employ your own web development resources, you might want to procure a TCmanager® Webservice Development License. This grants you access to our vast library of webservice methods and API.

This allows you to develop your very own learning landscape, without loosing the advantage of the unique funtion portfolio of TCmanager® LMS.

We provide a thorough training for your developers, to enable them to work our webservice methods productively in no time.

Programing Interface

Webservice Connectivity & Interfaces

In the world of data communication, interfaces and web-based connectivity play two fundamental but very different roles.

Interfaces: Transfer data in a non-time-critical mode. Here, information is transmitted without an immediate response, which is crucial for industrial applications. The advantage is the efficient utilization of bandwidth and resources since data is collected and then transmitted periodically.

► Asynchronous interfaces are suitable for efficient periodic data collection and transmission.

Examples include updating qualifications in the personnel database or importing revenue data into financial accounting.

Web-based connectivity supports synchronous data exchange. This technology enables real-time communication between different systems or users over the internet, focusing on immediate interaction and a seamless user experience.

►Web-based connectivity enables rapid and immediate communication essential in many modern applications.

Examples are video conferences and chats.

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