Training Portals for different Stakeholders

Advantages of learning and training portals.

Our Learning portals (or training portals) offer various advantages as they are specifically designed to provide certain user groups with access to specific training content and features.

Training Portals Training Portals safeguard data, content and functionality

Our learning portals are designed to provide secure access to training content and role-specific functions for defined user groups.

Training portals protect personal data, learning content and functionalities for:

  • Learners
  • Managers
  • Trainers
  • External parties

Training Portal for Learners

Learners profit from the personal access to their learning world as a single point of entry.

Learning Platform Learner's Training Portal

Training portals for employees include:

  • an overview over upcoming course events and elearnings.
  • direct start of elearnings and tests with one click.
  • an overview over achieved qualification as well as a list of qualifications which need to be refreshed.
  • suggestions for learning units and appropriate courses to update missing qualifications.
  • direct enrollment function on the learning platform and trigger of potential approval processes.
  • Feedback questionnaires to be completed and issued. Questionnaires are evaluated anonymously within the central LMS administration.
  • download of certificates and course documents.

Training Portal for Managers

In addition to the features of the training portals available to learners, which are, of course, also accessible to executives, this type of portal offers additional functions.

Team Qualification Status Manager's information of team's qualification status

Training portals for executives include:

  • Overviews of the qualification status and learning progress of individual team members.
  • The ability to enroll team members in courses and e-learnings to fill gaps.
  • The option to cancel registrations or replace one participant with another team member.
  • Approval processes for course bookings by team members that require processing. Single or multi-stage approval processes are defined in the central LMS administration.
  • Executives may also have the option to recommend course attendance to their team members in a non-binding manner.

Training Portal for Instructors

If you have a large number of instructors working for your training organization, you might consider optimizing their contributions.

Training Portal for Instructors Instructor's interactive training schedule


Instructors can use their trainer access to:

  • edit their personal data, skills and absences.
  • find information about their training schedule.
  • get detailed information about participants, event location
  • confirm attendance and achieved qualification of participants.

Training Portal for External Partners

Also external target groups such as customers, service or sales partnes may access the trainingsportfolio via a learning portal.

This might include:

  • a learning platform with an especially designed training offer
  • enrolment by authorized employees or managers
  • invoicing via training accounts, vouchers, discount agreements or classic invoices
  • audit proof certification and learning paths.

Optional addon: PDF Annotator

Improve learning success by providing learners with a possibility to add their personal notes, sketches and highlights to electronic course materials.

Pdf Annotator Personal annotations in electronic course documents
  • Electronic course documents reduce the cost of production and logistics significantly. This way your enterprise also contributes to environmental protection.
  • Watermarks with learners name, course dates and company name reduce the risk of breech of confidentiality.
  • After the training, learners may download their respective course documents from within their personal learning portal.

Your Training Portals - Your Choice

Developing your own learning environment is a serious enterprise. As everybody has other priorities and resources, we have decided to offer you different approaches to develop your learning landscape.

Variant A

Let us know in detail, what layout and functionality you require for your training portals. Provide us with your style guide or get your marketing specialist get in touch with us. We will supply you with a solution exactly matching your requirements.

Variant B

You have access to web development knowhow and would you like to develop the layout and functions of your learning world yourself? Then use our programming interface (API).


Variant C

You are searching for an economic solution and fast implementation. Our standard portal solution includes all features you would expect for learners and managers. We include your logo and company colors and adjust some little bits and pieces for you. After you have published your training offer, you are ready to go life in practically no time.


Your Benefit

  1. Targeted Training: Our learning portals enable you to tailor educational content to specific internal or external user groups. This is particularly useful when different, specialized, or certification-required training is needed.
  2. Personalization: With training portals, learning content can be personalized to meet the individual needs and prior knowledge of learners. This promotes an efficient and tailored learning experience.
  3. Access Restriction: Learning portals enable secure access restriction, allowing only authorized users to access certain content. This is important to protect sensitive or confidential information.
  4. Recommendations and Progress Tracking: By utilizing our LXP (Learning Experience Platform) features, you can track individual learning progress. The system generates personalized learning recommendations aligned with your company's strategy.
  5. Efficiency Enhancement: By providing tailored training content, training portals can enhance efficiency since learners receive only the information relevant to their specific tasks or roles.
  6. Scalability: Our training portals are infinitely scalable to keep pace with a company's growth or the number of learners. New courses and learning units can be updated directly through the catalog features.
  7. Compliance and Certification: Training portals facilitate compliance with legal regulations and the certification of employees by enabling the tracking of training completions and the documentation of training histories. More about Qualification Management.
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