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Professional User Support

A complex learning software such as TCmanager® LMS delivers broad functionalities suitable to your requirements for qualification and course management.


We provide users and administrators with thorough LMS training. During training we focus on your particular business model and specific configuration. Our experienced instructors analyze your special requirements and include those appropriate in the training session.

A completely new implementation, modified processes or new training staff can be reasons to update your TCmanager® skills.


LMS User Training

TCmanager® Trainings

Certainly, we offer comprehensive training for administrators of our Learning Management System, TCmanager®. Our goal is to ensure that you can use the LMS efficiently and effectively. These training sessions are an essential part of the onboarding phase, and we place great importance on ensuring that you not only master the basics but also can use the LMS in line with your company's specific processes.

Our training covers various aspects, starting from the fundamental functions of TCmanager® LMS to customization and integration into your company's workflows. We understand that each company has unique requirements, and our training is tailored accordingly. We want to make sure that you can fully leverage the potential of our LMS to achieve your training and development goals.


User Support & Training

Furthermore, we offer individualized training tailored to specific needs. This can be especially useful when new training administrators join your company or when existing administrators change their responsibilities. We are also available for major updates or the introduction of new, customized features to ensure that you have all the necessary knowledge and skills.

To deepen your knowledge of TCmanager® LMS, we regularly conduct webinars and workshops covering current topics and best practices. These webinars allow you to stay up-to-date and benefit from expert knowledge.

For a more personalized exchange, we organize user networking events. These meetings take place both in Munich and online to accommodate as many participants as possible. Participation from all attendees is warmly welcome, and we look forward to answering your questions, sharing experiences, and finding solutions together. Check our event schedule.

Our training and resources are available to you to ensure that you can make the most of TCmanager® LMS. Your success is our success, and we are here to support you on your journey to effectively manage and utilize our LMS.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions or training needs – we are here to assist you.


Individual Project Support

Do you have to manage complex tasks and goals, such as change management projects? We will also provide you with additional resources for short periods.

Our project support is directly integrated in your business onSite. Profit from this hands-on, uncomplicated and direct help for your training department.


User Forum

Another valuable opportunity to learn the TCmanager® User forum. This annual convention enables your staff to exchange experiences with other members of the TCmanager® community.

Each year users from various enterprises meet up to discuss updates, functionalities and to be introduced to the latest developments.

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