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Please download free of charge interesting publications and articles concerning TCmanager® LMS and SoftDeCC. Articles are only available in German language, but we have provided for a short abstract in English.

Best Practise: Extended LMS - Maschinenfabrik B. Krone

Extended Learning Management Systeme integrieren verschiedene Zielgruppen in die primären und sekundären Trainingsprozesse. Bei der Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone GmbH & CO.KG ist dies vorbildlich und innovativ umgesetzt. Dieser Best Practise-Beitrag zeigt detailliert und praxisnah, wie die Umsetzung funktioniert, worauf zu achten ist und wie Trainingskonzepte international und unternehmensübergreifend umgesetzt werden können. Der kostenlose Download als pdf ist hier möglich.


Die europäische Grundverordnung zum Datenschutz zieht für personenbezogene Daten signifikante Konsequenzen nach sich. Akademien und Personalentwicklung sind naturgemäß davon in hohem Maße betroffen. TCmanager LMS unterstützt dabei mit vielseitigen, praxisoptimierten und auf Wunsch auch automatisierbaren Funktionen. Im Artikel, den Sie kostenfrei downloaden können, werden einige der relevanten Funktionen vorgestellt.

Digitalisierung ganz konkret

Was als Schlagwort in aller Munde ist, wirft auch Fragen und Unsicherheiten auf. Was bedeutet Digitalisierung nun ganz konkret für Personalentwicklung, HR und Corporate Academies.

Worin genau liegt der Mehrwert der Digitalisierung, welche (Software-) Elemente und Systeme sind betroffen und was sind eigentlich digitale Kompetenzen?

Ganz konkrete Antworten finden Sie in unserem Artikel, der 7/2017 erschienen ist.


Qualifikationsmanagement mit LMS Gruppen-Account

Qualifkationsmanagement, Zertifizierungsprozesse und Bildungscontrolling werden vom Gruppen-Account des TCmanager® Learning Management System unterstützt. Auf individuelle, firmeneigene Prozesse abgestimmt steigert der LMS Gruppen-Account die Effizienz und schafft auf unterschiedlichen Ebenen ein hohes Maß an Transparenz.

Zur LEARNTEC 2017 veröffentlicht das eLearning-Journal ein Management Summary zu beispielhaften Anwendungsszenarien.

LMS, IT-Safety and Data Protection

The implementation of a Learning Management System or other HR related IT is always a challenge for IT-safety and data protection issues. Thist text introduces aspects to integrate (German) legal requirements LMS and in the IT-landscape in general.

IT-Infrastructure - Stepchild of HR Education

LMS, training administration IT or other software for HR education as well as their respective integration within the system landscape are unterestimated leverages for enterprise success. Evaluations of the applicants of Deutscher Bildungspreis, a worthy award in professional education management show the big potentials in IT which are not sufficiently employed.

Checklist: Training Management in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has become the topic to talk about. How does this phenomenon of overall digitalization influence personal development and service training?

The great changes of automation on work surrounding this can not be ignored. The elearning journal's checklist shows how challenges of future oriented training and learning can be tackled by employing the right software.

TCmanager's professional Trainings Portals

Training portals will always be an important part of modern education management.

This article introduces you to the band width of TCmanager® training portals. Centred around a central and economic maintenance of content, the variety of functionalities available to various target groups such as trainers, management and commercial partners is striking.

Naturally the demands of corporate design and layout of particular target groups or partners offering managed training services have been taken care of.

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Top Issue: IT for Training Management

IT for education and training management is a top priority for staff development in mid sized companies. This publication introduces TCmanager Learning Management System (LMS) as particularly suitable for these enterprises.

Focusing on the potential of seamless integration in any system landscape as well as towards different target group orientated training portals TCmanager® LMS is an economic and practicable solution to those who want to employ a premium system for a realistic price.

Professional Talent Management - Deutscher Bildungspreis

SoftDeCC supports the highly appreciated award 'Deutscher Bildungspreis'. Sound analysis and structured audits evaluate education and training programs of corporations. The results have been published in Anne Dreyer's annual chronicle.

Evaluations of the last years show that software support in corporate learning is still underestimated and therefore not sufficiently employed.

Is the significant contribution of software not recognized, or are the hurdles for professional software implementation too high?

Portrait: Pioneers of Elearning

The professional magazine 'eLearning Journal' shows a very personal perspective of the developments of professional education.

Interviewing Susanne Ziegler, who has been a fan of TCmanager® LMS from the beginning. Initially working in a training centre and managing the daily business, she is now since over 15 years the sales rep of SoftDeCC. Focusing on consulting, sales and LMS-implementation projects, she is always putting the dialogue on eye level  with SoftDeCCs partners first.

Proofed and Tested: TCmanager® LMS

TCmanager® has been tested thoroughly in comparison to other Learning Management Systems. Special focus has been set on the broad functionalities of training administration, the learning platform and training portals.

Due to the particular versatility of functions and the flexibility of applications TCmanager LMS has received a mark of 1,4. TCmanager is not only suitable for corporate academies and training centers, but is also highly recommended for Human Resource development.

Best Practice: IT & Bildungscontrolling

Learner's progress and theory-to-practice-transfer are core elements of staff development. Measuring participants' satisfaction with the training, surroundings and conditions as well as the ratio of applicability of knowledge in daily tasks are complex issues.

TCmanager® LMS offers various possibilities for collecting and evaluation of data. Thus TCmanager enables training staff to improve various aspects. Graphical result dashboards show progress and tendencies.

The academy of KYOCERA Document Solutions  Europe B.V.has evaluated various qualification programs, certification ratios and participant statistics.

Best Practice: LMS @ Maschinenfabrik B. Krone

Agricultural engineering has nowadays become an investment in high technology. Professional handling requires thorough training for drivers and maintenance staff.

The training centre of the manufacturer Maschinenfabrik Bernard KRONE GmbH employs TCmanager® LMS to handle the training of distributors and service staff. No matter if it is about technical know how or drivers instruction - the KRONE training centre manages the challenges in over 60 countries.

TCmanager® LMS - All in One Service Platform

Requirements for Learning Management Systems have changed. The broad band width required functionalities and superior integration potential go hand in hand with a demand for detailed resource planning. Tasks, which were previously fulfilled by classic training administration software.

TCmanager® LMS takes care of all aspects. Whilst LMSs were originally only supposed to distribute electronic learning units (WBTs) TCmanager's routes are from a training administration surrounding. Enhanced with it's functionalities for qualification management, learning platform and training portals, today's TCmanager serves the complete spectrum of professional learning needs.

FAQs: LMS Implementation

Implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) or a training administration software is a critical and sometimes expensive investment. Also deciding for a software product ties you to a certain manufacturer.

A definitive success factor is a clear and structured definition of LMS requirements. These must be collected systematically and open-mindedly. However, it is just as important to create a checklist of requirements of the software supplier or manufacturer, and tjey have to fulfill its concerns of his product and service portfolio. As an indicator it is highly recommend to make personal contact with the actual reference clients and share their experiences.

Efficiently organized training campaigns

Training issues such as compliance, data protection and code of conduct gain importance. However the aim is not just to pour out knowledge, but to plant the essence of laws, consequences and standard procedures in the manners in which individuals go about in their professional lives. Well thought out systems and consequent supervision of staff must be established.

TCmanager® LMS supports all those tasks and procedures and enables you to deliver appropriate training which can be accounted for.

Interview with Mr. Ullmann, Siemens Enterprise Communications

In 2011 the professional magazine 'eLearning Journal'has conducted an interview with Mr. Ullmann, project manager of Global Operations & IT Management, Siemens Enterprise Communications.

The extensive and worldwide distributed training offer of the Academy for Professional Training, is managed and supported by TCmanager Learning Management System.

He recommends the cooperation with SoftDeCC due to the continuous development of the software and the encompassed understanding of complex training scenarios. He especially draws attention to the commitment and the open and constructive communication.

The TCmanager® Success Story

In 2011 the eLearning Journal has reported extensively about TCmanager LMS and training administration software with learning platform.

TCmanager is considered as being the probably broadest and most flexible LMS for professional learning tasks, which is certainly true. Continuous upcoming novelties such as the deal-breaker question within the test generator generate significant attention.

Detected as a key factor of TCmanager's success has not only been the lively TCmanager community who meet up at annual conferences but also the excellent support offered by SoftDeCC's partner company SoftDeCC Service GmbH.

'EuroSig' - the HVB Success Project

Demanding training projects require a lot from training staff and the LMS (Learning Management System) employed.

HypoVereinsbank, a part of Unicredit has rolled out their highly challenging project 'EuroSig' successfully. More than 1000 individual qualification paths have been deducted from 250 qualification profiles. Introducing TCmanager® LMS has contributed to reducing the overall cost of IT and also decreased the complexity of the IT-landscape as such.

HypoVereinsbank (HVB) and SoftDeCC have in 2010 been honored with an elearning award for this challenging project.

Certification is no Mystery

This article from 2008 discusses the important topic why training and education are an important step to success, but hard to proof.

TCmanager training administration contained qualification management answers the most urgent questions of staff development: 'Who', 'what', 'when' and 'how'. Various training methods such as class room training, virtual classroom events, online-components or blended learning can all be administered equally simple as resource- and participant management with TCmanager.

Structure generates Knowledge

In this article from 2008 TCmanager® training administration is described as user-optimized and competent.

The writer points out the broad functionalities, especially highlighting the graphical and interactive schedules and the customizable process support. TCmanager, described as infant prodigy, has ever since been continually developed to a full grown Learning Management System. However the statement at the end bears truth: There is still lots to be expected of TCmanager in the future, keep watching.

Newsticker 'seminar inside' (2008)

In 2008 the professional publication 'seminar inside' wrote about TCmanagers training adminstration software being introduced in SIEMENS Healthcare for the project 'Certification and Qualification Management'.

TCmanager is described as the perfect software tool for targeted personnel development. The module 'Testgenerator', for which SoftDeCC has been honored with an eLearning award in the same year is been highly recommended for qualification management.

We are happy to announce, that the quoted reference customers in the article are still satisfied as our clients.


  • Functionportfolio and Usability

    Our high demands concerning functionality on one hand and usability at the same time where perfectly met by SoftDeCC by employing individual solutions. The always competent advice and support were especially helpful, same as the constructive and solution-oriented discussions. The high reliability and the pleasant contact have established a very good cooperation.


    Astrid Werner, HDZ-Branch Stuttgart
  • SoftDeCC is our Reliable Partner

    TCmanager offers everything what can be wished for when searching for an appropriate tool for a training center. Our worldwide training offer for sales partner and customers is today supported by targetgroup optimated trainingsportals. The administration of events, enrolments and resources features a logical set-up and can be operated by intuition. Clear reports can readily be generated at anytime. We will face our future training and elearning challenges together with SoftDeCC, who is our reliable partner.

    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jan Henrik Holk, Head of Training Center, Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone GmbH
  • Innovative and Reliable

    Since 1998 SoftDeCC is a solid part of the German eLearning landscape. SoftDeCC has always been a reliable partner who contributes with interesting articles to our journal. Also continuous attentions have been drawn to SoftDeCC due to innovative projects, which have been submitted in the competition of our eLearning Award.

    Frank Siepmann, Chief Editor, elearning Journal
  • Excellent Support

    act-Academy (previously Siemens Academy) offers practice oriented apprenticeship and services across all IT-issues. Since over 25 years we centre around our customers' needs. TCmanager® offers us optimum support. All processes and tasks such as course planning, entolment, participant administration, website, CRM and project management are managed using TCmanager. Also the excellent support of SoftDeCC is to be mentioned.

    Daniel Bachmann, Managing Director, act-Academy GmbH
  • Especially created for Training and Qualification

    Since 2015 YASKAWA is SoftDeCC's customer and employs TCmanager® LMS. After a thorough evaluation of suitable management tools for our corporate training we are happy to have decided for SoftDeCC. It is immediately apparent that this software has been especially developed for training and qualification management. We gained instantly broader possibilities than required and demandet. We are certain, that we have equipped our training centre future-oriented and will increase efficiency as well as our training quality by the use of TCmanager®.

    Torben Schäfer, Manager YASKAWA ACADEMY, YASKAWA Europe GmbH