Cloudbased LMS or onPremise Solution?

LMS as Cloud Solution or onSite

SaaS, Cloud or on-Premise

Decide for yourself which implementation is best for you. We will support your decision.

  • On-premise – within your own IT landscape: TCmanager® LMS will be installed on your own server and maintained by your own IT-staff. We offer support when you require it.
  • a Data Center of your Choice: Host TCmanager® LMS in a data center of your choice. We assist you via a secure access provided by you.
  • SaaS – Software as a Service / Cloud: We will host your TCmanager® LMS in a German or international data center of your choice and manage contracts, server maintenance, update etc. for you. The data center will be selected by your requirements (estimated data volume, your security requirements, anticipated traffic, availability...).

Contact us for sound advice!

Professional Implementation-Service

Decide yourself how you would like to operate the Learning Management System. Let's talk about your requirements and our experiences with various ways of implementation.
Find out more about relevant technical prerequisites.


For each project we define an individual expert task force to accompany you during implementation and going-live of TCmanager®. Our project managers and developers are your competent partners. Based on years of specific experience they can also advise you on sector specific process design,possible system requirements and suggest possible improvements.

Call ++49 (0)89 / 3090 839 - 30 for our consulting services or send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

LMS as SaaS or onPremise?

Would a cloud-hosted LMS be better than an onSite solution? Whether it is superior to run your learning platform or Learning Management System on your own system landscape or as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution cannot be answered generally. It is an individual decision, often based on IT and security guidelines. 

Beware that the wording is often used in a misleading way. Advantages, disadvantages and consequences of your decision are often not obvious.

Get in touch with us. We will share our experiences and expertise to find the best solution for you.

Free Consultancy

Get in touch for your free consultancy and software demonstration.

We will be happy to assist your choice and professional LMS implementation - whatever you decide.

Send us a message or call ++49 (0)89 / 3090 839 30.



  • Especially created for Training and Qualification

    Since 2015 YASKAWA is SoftDeCC's customer and employs TCmanager® LMS. After a thorough evaluation of suitable management tools for our corporate training we are happy to have decided for SoftDeCC. It is immediately apparent that this software has been especially developed for training and qualification management. We gained instantly broader possibilities than required and demandet. We are certain, that we have equipped our training centre future-oriented and will increase efficiency as well as our training quality by the use of TCmanager®.

    Torben Schäfer, Manager YASKAWA ACADEMY, YASKAWA Europe GmbH
  • SoftDeCC is our Reliable Partner

    TCmanager offers everything what can be wished for when searching for an appropriate tool for a training center. Our worldwide training offer for sales partner and customers is today supported by target-group optimized training portals. The administration of events, enrolments and resources features a logical set-up and can be operated by intuition. Clear reports can readily be generated at anytime. We will face our future training and elearning challenges together with SoftDeCC, who is our reliable partner.

    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jan Henrik Holk, Head of Training Center, Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone GmbH
  • Excellent Support

    act-Academy (previously Siemens Academy) offers practice oriented apprenticeship and services across all IT-issues. Since over 25 years we centre around our customers' needs. TCmanager® LMS offers us optimum support. All processes and tasks such as course planning, entolment, participant administration, website, CRM and project management are managed using TCmanager. Also the excellent support of SoftDeCC is to be mentioned.

    Daniel Bachmann, Managing Director, act-Academy GmbH
  • Quality and Reliability

    Since more than 30 years training and education of Schneider Electric's customers and partners is closely connected to quality and reliability. In 2019 we have decided for TCmanager® LMS (Learning Management System) by SoftDeCC. The support of SoftDeCC during the implementation period has proven to be extremly helpful. Since then, the Learning Systems functionality portfolio expands continually and thus offers more possibilities for our growing demands. SoftDeCC's staff is well versed regarding our application and a great help!

    Heiner Lentzen, Head of Customer Training Schneider Electric, DACH
  • Support, Adjustments & Innovations

    Hella Academy provides technical training for our products as well as special topics such such as "hybrid & high voltage" and "Advanced Driver Assistance Systems" to workshops and sales partners.

    Since 2015 wir are satisfied customers and users of TCmanager®. Especially the support services provided by SoftDeCC are a convincing. Desired adjustments and innovations of the functionality of the system are implemented with care and help us support our customers.

    Mark Schulte, Head of Training, Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH
  • Functionportfolio and Usability

    Our high demands concerning functionality on one hand and usability at the same time where perfectly met by SoftDeCC by employing individual solutions. The always competent advice and support were especially helpful, same as the constructive and solution-oriented discussions. The high reliability and the pleasant contact have established a very good cooperation.

    Astrid Werner, HDZ-Branch Stuttgart
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