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eLearning, Course Catalogues and more ...

  • Publish your complete training offer
  • Track Learners' Progress: eLearning Platform
  • Visualize Learning Paths
  • Create Tests & Quizzes

Publish your complete training portfolio, including both online training and in-person events, across any number of training catalogs.

Your learning platform is accessible to the general public via the internet or can grant limited access to defined target groups through secure learning portals.

eLearning Platform Example Learning Platform
Learning Platform for all formats All Formats - One platform


Publish all your learning formats

  • eLearning (WBTs)
  • Tests
  • Seminars / in-person trainings
  • Training programs
  • Blended Learning Paths
  • Webinars
  • Videos & Tutorials
  • ...

The design of the learning platform can be based on a classic, text-based tree structure or a modern-looking tile layout. The structure of your catalogs follows your preferences.

A free-text search and various filtering criteria support learners in finding suitable trainings.

Define different enrollment, approval, and invoicing processes depending on the target group or type of course within the central LMS administration.

Tracking Learners' Progress: eLearning Platform

If you require proof of training, reliable data to enhance your online offerings, or wish to provide personalized learning consultancy, then monitoring learners' progress is essential.

The functionality of our optional eLearning platform is crucial for tracking learners' progress in web-based trainings (WBTs).

Learning Platform for Tutorials Learning Platform for Online-Tutorials


  • SCORM and AICC tracking allows you to monitor the start of an eLearning module, track progress, and ensure completion of learning units while transferring data into a consistent format, both online and offline.
  • XAPI (Tin Can) offers even more detailed insights into learners' progress. Utilize the reliable data from our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to provide learners with highly targeted coaching, enhance learning content, and deliver superior learning recommendations.

Visualize Learning Paths (Blended Learning)

Learning Paths and training programs comprise diverse learning modules and may incorporate various learning formats, including Blended Learning. Visualizing complex training programs offers learners a quick overview of what to expect.

A single click on any of the course units can provide learners with more information, such as detailed course descriptions and additional details about location, instructor qualifications, and other relevant information.

Blended Learning Path Traning Program (Blended Learning)


Your Learning Paths may include:

  • Classroom events
  • Elearning units (WBT)
  • Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Entry or final tests
  • Subordinate learning paths

You might choose to offer your learners options through compulsory electives or include optional learning units.

Interested individuals can enroll in the complete training program without needing to make multiple individual bookings.

The design and depth of information of the visualized learning paths are defined within TCmanager's training administration. TCmanager® LMS offers curriculum templates and the option to create your own design. Alternatively, you can utilize the web service-based Programming Interface (API) to customize the appearance to your specifications.


Our test generator is a tool designed to create meaningful online tests and quizzes. These assessments serve as a reliable basis for verifying admission requirements, demonstrating qualifications, and documenting learning progress.

As an integral part of the TCmanager® eLearning platform, the test generator is well-suited for audit-proof qualification schemes.

Testgenerator Example: Drag- & Drop Question (Testgenerator)


Various question types can be used for test generation:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Gaptexts
  • Drag & Drop
  • Sort-Order
  • Yes / No
  • Freetext
  • ...

Questions are categorized by subjects and assigned varying levels of difficulty, offering a diverse range of question types. A random generator then selects questions from this pool, adhering to your specified criteria, to create unique yet equivalent tests.

Based on the test results, the Learning Management System (LMS) intelligently deduces suitable course recommendations. This valuable functionality streamlines your qualification management process.

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