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Professional Training Administration Software

TCmanager® Training Administration Software is suitable for all advanced training centers and academies, for managing their complete course and training offer for internal and external clients


Managing Trainings & Participants

Our professional software for training administration supports multiple tasks with very detailed functionalities, such as:

Course- & Event Scheduling

Broad Function Portfolio

TCmanager® offers a broad portfolio of versatile and professional functionalities. Amongst others these include:

  • Interactive graphical schedules
  • Various target groups
  • Blended Learning
  • Design of Learning Paths and Training Programes
  • Automated event planning
  • Feedback surveys
  • ...


Diverse Training Formats

TCmanager® Course Management Software exceeds management of classic seminars by far.

Include in your trainingsportfolio any of the following formats:

  • Classroom training (seminars, courses)
  • elearnings (WBTs)
  • Webinars
  • Video-Tutorials
  • Content of external learning platform
  • Learning paths / training programs
  • Blended Learning
Training Offer


Automated resource planning for rooms, equipment and trainers, as well as assignment of tests and course documents are facilitated by TCmanager® Learning Solution.

Learning Platform


Publishing your training offer such as seminars, training programs and elearnings in structured training catalogues on the learning platform.



Reporting and more features of emminent importance to your training business. Compile reports, correspondence and define processes yourself. Learn more ...

Interactive Resource-Planning

TCmanager® training administration supports minute coordination of trainer, rooms and equipment.

Automated course planning considers specific parameters such as trainer skills and experience, room size, and equipment, among others.

Interactive Schedule Interactive Schedule for Trainers

Calendars come with a range of interactive features:

  • Enrolling participants directly within the schedule via mouse click.
  • Planning, assigning trainers, rooms, or equipment, as well as rescheduling using drag & drop.
  • Changes in the schedule update course data directly, informing participants and instructors by use of appropriate communication templates.
  • Users can flexibly configure the calendar according to their personal preferences. This includes for example the level of detail displayed, the timeframe, and the color scheme.
  • Schedules can be saved as "Goodies" and shared with colleagues.

Blended Learning Paths

Contemporary training programs encompass various formats, including classroom training, webinars, e-learning modules, tests, and workshops. Todays training program development involves harnessing the strengths of each format and integrating them into a cohesive learning journey. 

Learners gain a clear and interactive preview of what to anticipate when you provide them with a visualization published on the Learning Platform.

Blended Learning Training Path Training Program (Blended Learning)
  • Learning paths are assembled based on training routes. Individual course elements are arranged in a sequence.
  • Links within each module provide additional information.
  • Choices and optional supplementary courses can always be integrated.
  • Color schemes, sequence, and displayed content can be adjusted based on provided templates or custom definitions. If you have a web designer, they can precisely replicate your corporate design through our application programming interface (API).
  • A legend clarifies color schemes, proficiency levels, and symbolism.

Participant Management

Professional seminar providers demonstrate seamless execution of courses, which places the participants' learning success at the forefront. Therefore, seminar management software is crucial for efficiently and smoothly organizing seminars, workshops, or training sessions.

  1. Registration and Enrollment: Participants can easily register for your seminar online, input personal information, and securely process payments.
  2. Participant Profile Management: Manage detailed participant profiles, including contact information, qualification status, leadership roles, or considerations such as physical limitations.
  3. Waitlist Management: If your seminar is fully booked, interested individuals can join the waitlist and potentially fill vacancies when they become available or when a new course is offered.
  4. Payment Processing: Simplify payment processing by effortlessly creating individual or batch invoices, exporting data for accounting purposes, or settling payments through training accounts. Also streamline the handling of cancellations, credits, and refunds.
    Integration with your payment service provider is seamless
  5. Participant Communication: Automated email notifications and messages to keep your participants informed, whether it's for registration confirmation, event reminders, or the delivery of important seminar information.
  6. Participant Categorization: Classify participants into groups or categories, such as based on experience levels, interests, or educational backgrounds for future marketing initiatives or qualification programs.
  7. Generation of Certificates, Name Tags & Participant Lists: Automatically generate participation certificates for your participants upon successful course completion, as well as name tags and participant lists.
  8. Bulk Functions: Efficiently perform functions like registration, rescheduling, or cancellations for entire participant groups.
  9. Reporting and Analysis: Generate detailed reports on participant numbers, revenue, course statistics, and other pertinent metrics to track important developments.
  10. Integrations: Benefit from seamless integrations with other systems such as CRM, marketing automation, and payment processing to optimize your seminar management process.
  11. Security and Data Privacy: TCmanager® Seminar Management ensures compliance with GDPR standards for participant data security and privacy.

Trainer Administration

Instructors are vital assets for a training center. Their respective knowledge, skills, and experience are just some of the relevant data you'd like to have at your fingertips.

TCmanager® training administration software not only documents this information, but also integrates them during planning and organisation of courses.


TCmanager® checks relevant skills when trainers are assigned to courses. The software also considers all relevant information concerning rooms and equipment thoroughly when running an automated planning process for the next period.

You might also want to provide trainers with access to the system via personal trainer portals. Instructors can find their respective schedules, information about participants, and course locations. They can also keep you updated with their personal data, availability, and more. Furthermore, trainers can confirm participants' achieved qualifications right there and then.

Quality Management and Feedback



Feedback Survey on Mobile Questionnaire for Quality Monitoring

Feedback Surveys

Monitor the perceived service quality by distributing feedback questionnaires to both participants and instructors. Inquire about their experience with the training services, the helpfulness of the course, the suitability of the facilities, and the assistance provided by staff.

Design the questionnaires yourself, incorporating diverse question types such as:

  • Rating scales
  • Yes/no inquiries
  • Open text queries
  • ...

Distribute questionnaires automatically before, during or after a training. Questionnaires are published directly in learners' personal portals but may also be accessed via secure email links, or as a paper version in class.

TCmanager® evaluates anonymized questionnaires comprehensively, even across multiple course events. Gain insights into your standing and uphold your excellent reputation. Learn more about Reporting ...

Complaint Management

The integrated complaint management tool allows for the direct generation of to-dos and documents. Engage proactive measures to continuously improve the quality of your training offer. Take direct action!

Learn more about Todos...

Settings & Administration Features

In addition to the numerous classic seminar management functions, TCmanager® supports a wide range of individual settings and configuration options, that precisely cater to your specific needs. 

Local and international settings, training catalogs, invoicing, correspondence and supporting processes are defined within the versatile system administration, which is an integrated part of our course administration.

You may adjust settings and configurations anytime yourself, according to your requirements. 
► This independence saves you time and future cost.

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