Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

LXP for Targeted Qualification

Learning Experience meets HR requirements

Our integrated Learning Experience Platform (LXP) tailors the learning suggestions to the individual needs, preferences, and position of the learners.  Our LXP especially considers HR requirements, such as learning paths and compliance.

Furthermore, TCmanager® LXP is not limited to online courses (e-learning). It will also integrate your live training offerings and blended learning programs.

Learning Experience Platform Learning Experience Platform (LXP) with AI-supported recommendations


Structure the LXP's course offering by various criteria:

  • Upcoming courses
  • Current eLearnings and tests
  • Learning units, to complete required qualification
  • Courses completed by peers
  • Learning recommendations from colleagues and managers
  • Personal learning history;

LXP & Training Portals

Training Portals sageguard confidential learning content and education progress. Training portals protect personal data as well as defined functionality for internal learners, external partners, managers and instructors.

Training Portal Personal Trainingportal


In addition to the training content on the learning platform, learners receive tailored learning suggestions through their portal access.

These recommendations take into account the learners' areas of responsibility and educational history. They also reflect requirements from HR / personnel development, as well as relevant learning trends that mirror the development within the company

LXP & Qualification Management

Our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) provides significant value to companies, especially when combined with our qualification management. It serves as the central hub bridging training and skill development.

Qualification Management AI-suggested Learning Path

The close integration with Qualification Management is a unique feature of our Learning Experience Platform LXP.

Learning paths, suitable training recommendations, and progress tracking through xAPI and SCORM support learners in keeping their qualifications up to date.

AI-generated learning recommendations take into account HR and personnel development requirements, such as compliance and verification. This enables you to develop your employees' qualifications in a targeted manner.

This makes TCmanager® LXP an exceptionally powerful training tool.

Integration of external Learning Platforms

Our Learning Experience Platform is not limited to delivering learning units from external learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning or Coursera, which have been integrated via Interfaces.

Integrating this content into company-specific learning paths, training programs, and qualification initiatives provides significant added value for targeted training measures.



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Artificial Intelligence in TCmanager® LXP

For TCmanager® LXP, an artificial intelligence system has been developed and integrated, to support HR and personnel development. Our AI system analyzes current developments within your organization. It provides individual course recommendations that align with job profiles, experience, and career prospects.



  1. Individual Learning Paths: Personalized learning paths are created for learners, which they can customize if necessary. This allows learners to focus on topics that are relevant to them.
  2. Recommendation Systems: The LXP uses a AI-powered recommendation system to suggest courses, resources, and activities to learners that align with their previous interactions and learning progress. These recommendations may be based on the behavior of other learners with similar characteristics.
  3. Adaptive Learning Content: Adaptive learning systems adjust to the individual progress of learners. They recognize strengths and weaknesses and adapt learning materials and activities accordingly. If learners demonstrate certain competencies, units may be skipped, and more time can be spent on challenging topics.
  4. Self-Assessment and Goal Setting: The LXP can provide features that allow learners to set their own learning goals and track their progress. This helps learners control their own learning and motivates them to achieve their goals.
  5. Learning Progress Tracking: AI monitors the progress of learners in real-time and assists training personnel in identifying issues early and offering support.
  6. Efficiency: The use of AI optimizes training processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Data foundations for the use of Artificial Intelligence

The information on which the recommendations of the LXP are based can come from various sources:

data source
  1. Learning Behavior: The platform can analyze the behavior of learners, such as which courses they have taken, either by themselves or with colleagues with similar profiles, how much time they have spent on specific content, and how successful they have been in tests.
  2. Self-disclosures: Learners may, if necessary, provide their own interests, goals, and abilities, which can be used in generating recommendations.
  3. Contextual Data: AI can also consider contextual data, such as the current learning context, the available deadline for qualification renewal, or other factors.
  4. Comparative Data: The platform can compare a learner's data with that of others to identify patterns and trends within your organization.

The combination of this information allows AI to provide targeted recommendations to learners to optimize their learning experience. This may include the selection of courses, additional materials, exercises, and activities tailored to individual needs and goals.

LXP & Data Protection

The connection between data collection within the LXP and data protection is of great importance. It is to be ensured, that the benefits of personalized education do not come at the expense of learners' privacy.

Customizable data privacy and security features are an integral part of TCmanager® LXP:

  1. Our LXP provides users with clear insights into how their data is used and offer them the ability to manage their privacy settings and consents.
  2. Users can review and delete the data collected about them if they wish.
  3. The platform provides a feature to review and, if necessary, adjust algorithmic decisions.
Data Protection
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