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With our extensive service portfolio, we assist you in optimizing your training processes using TCmanager® Learning Management System.

We are supporting you from decision making, to specific adjustments and developing your learning environment.

Supporting you

Comprehensive LMS Lifecycle Services

Our individual service offering provides you with immediate benefits. Right from the procurement and selection phase of your Learning Management System (LMS), we provide tailored guidance.

Selecting the right software leads to cost-effective investments and reduces the risk of making wrong decisions. Find the perfect LMS solution for you, by identifying the specific needs of your company.


LMS Investment


During and after the implementation of an LMS or other software solutions, professional services become crucial. We offer ongoing support, assist you with development projects, and individual customization.

This ensures that TCmanager® LMS meets your current and future requirements.

Our Services - your Benefits

Our specialized service offering guarantees long-term benefits. We support you in optimizing your workflows, ultimately increasing your team's productivity. Employ our optional support services to maximize the value of your investment.

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