Learning Platform for Enterprises

Corporate Learning Platform for Staff and external Partners

for Enterprises and Academies

A learning platform is the basis for modern education management in enterprises of all kind.

It offers a broad variety of functionalities - beyond elearning. Features include the possibility to:

► find and start online-courses and elearning units,

► enroll to classroom trainings, seminars,

► gain information concerning courses, curricula and learning paths,

► take tests and assessments,

► watch tutorials and explanatory videos,

► start webinars and online workshops,

► ...

Blended Learning

Make optimal use of the advantages of different learning formats. Offer your training programes and qualification schemes as blended learning concepts.

Visualizing your blended learning programs on your learning platform and offer learners

  • structured training
  • choice of various modules
  • customized enrollment

Design and layout of your blended learning offer may be based on your corporate design or on integrated templates. Adjust the visualization and structure of your training program anytime yourself, independently from the software vendor.  

Employ the TCmanager® Qualification Management to organize your audit-proof training efficiently.

Learning Platform - more than just Online-Training

The TCmanager Learning Platform does more than presenting your training offer. The extensive course administration enables literally minutely resource planning for precise assignment of equipment, trainers and locations. Education campaigns and international qualification schemes is executed diligently with in-time reporting of progress.

We will adjust layouts, processes or particular developments to your requirements.

TCmanager is cloud-based. Thus you can choose your favourite hosting option. Run the learning platform onPremise, in an external data center or employ our hosting services (SaaS).

Your learning platform is protected by secure learning portals. Access to personalized learning content, learner's personal data, training structure and functionalities is only granted to defined employees, managers, trainers and partners.

eLearning-Plattform - mandatory for regulated industries

The optional eLearning platform is an add-on and not visible for learners. Learners start WBTs and tests with directly in their personal learning portal. SCORM-tracking jumps right into action and documents the learning process in online-courses, tests or as a part of blended learning concepts.

Learning Platform for Enterprises

The learning platform is the operative surface of your qualification management. It features training content, learning frameworks and functionalities and is closely connected to trainings portals.

A professional and secure learning platform is mandatory for up-to-date employee training and qualification. Course management provides all relevant information such as training catalogs and target groups. TCmanager's optional elearning platform enables SCORM-tracking of your WBTs and is invisible to the learner, so he can focus on his training contents.

Managers trace training progress of their team by employing a group account, which is providing them with broad qualification and controlling facilities.

An eLearning platform is mandatory to follow up on SCORM-based WBTs, tests and therefore track learning progress. This is especially required by regulated industries, where up-to-date knowledge is critical for reliable qualification management.


Our Testgenerator - a mighty Tool

Our test generator comes as a part of the TCmanager® eLearning Platform. It enables you to combine individual tests flexibly from a variety of subject and question pools.


Use classic multiple choice questions as well as more question types, such as e. g. drag & drop. Choose from among the various reporting schemes and test parameters such as the number or test trials, completion time and more.

Tests are not only a proof of knowledge. You might also want to employ tests to check mandatory entry requisitions for certain courses or to grant recommendations for further training.

Virtual Classrooms, Coaching...

Virtual Classrooms, coaching sessions and exchange among learners can leverage learning success. We will integrate your webinar software or your collaboration software based on your specification. Through interfaces we attach the tools of your choice e. g. MS Teams. 

We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.


PDF-Annotator - significant added value

Be it presentation or text document - you will often provide your course documents as pdf-files. To enable sustainable learning success make sure that your participants can work with them right from the start.

Electronic course documents

  • reduces cost for paper, printing and logistics,
  • supports learning success
  • helps the environment.

The optional tool PDF-Annotator enables learners to add notes, highlights and sketches to their documents. This way it is easier to connect with course content an to remember critical parts, questions and solutions, even months after the course.

Individual Training Portals

Secure access is mandatory when employees are to enter the learning platform. Participant management, course management and training administration software provide the learning platform with relevant course data and training catalogs as well as suitable course recommendations. Self-organized learning processes are independent from place and time and can be supported by collaborative online-trainings such as webinars.

Password protected access can be combined with Single-Sign-On schemes. We will be happy to inform you in detail about LMS-Interfaces.

Personnel development is supported by integrating manager portals. These enable managers to track the qualification status of their assigned team and connect directly with booking and approval processes.

Free Consulting & LMS Presentation

We will gladly answer your questions. Please call ++49 (0)89 / 3090 839 - 30 or use our contact form for your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Support, Adjustments & Innovations

    Hella Academy provides technical training for our products as well as special topics such such as "hybrid & high voltage" and "Advanced Driver Assistance Systems" to workshops and sales partners.

    Since 2015 wir are satisfied customers and users of TCmanager®. Especially the support services provided by SoftDeCC are a convincing. Desired adjustments and innovations of the functionality of the system are implemented with care and help us support our customers.

    Mark Schulte, Head of Training, Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH
  • SoftDeCC is our Reliable Partner

    TCmanager offers everything what can be wished for when searching for an appropriate tool for a training center. Our worldwide training offer for sales partner and customers is today supported by target-group optimized training portals. The administration of events, enrolments and resources features a logical set-up and can be operated by intuition. Clear reports can readily be generated at anytime. We will face our future training and elearning challenges together with SoftDeCC, who is our reliable partner.

    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jan Henrik Holk, Head of Training Center, Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone GmbH
  • Especially created for Training and Qualification

    Since 2015 YASKAWA is SoftDeCC's customer and employs TCmanager® LMS. After a thorough evaluation of suitable management tools for our corporate training we are happy to have decided for SoftDeCC. It is immediately apparent that this software has been especially developed for training and qualification management. We gained instantly broader possibilities than required and demandet. We are certain, that we have equipped our training centre future-oriented and will increase efficiency as well as our training quality by the use of TCmanager®.

    Torben Schäfer, Manager YASKAWA ACADEMY, YASKAWA Europe GmbH
  • Functionportfolio and Usability

    Our high demands concerning functionality on one hand and usability at the same time where perfectly met by SoftDeCC by employing individual solutions. The always competent advice and support were especially helpful, same as the constructive and solution-oriented discussions. The high reliability and the pleasant contact have established a very good cooperation.

    Astrid Werner, HDZ-Branch Stuttgart
  • Excellent Support

    act-Academy (previously Siemens Academy) offers practice oriented apprenticeship and services across all IT-issues. Since over 25 years we centre around our customers' needs. TCmanager® LMS offers us optimum support. All processes and tasks such as course planning, entolment, participant administration, website, CRM and project management are managed using TCmanager. Also the excellent support of SoftDeCC is to be mentioned.

    Daniel Bachmann, Managing Director, act-Academy GmbH
  • Quality and Reliability

    Since more than 30 years training and education of Schneider Electric's customers and partners is closely connected to quality and reliability. In 2019 we have decided for TCmanager® LMS (Learning Management System) by SoftDeCC. The support of SoftDeCC during the implementation period has proven to be extremly helpful. Since then, the Learning Systems functionality portfolio expands continually and thus offers more possibilities for our growing demands. SoftDeCC's staff is well versed regarding our application and a great help!

    Heiner Lentzen, Head of Customer Training Schneider Electric, DACH
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