LMS Evaluation with Test Installation

Test Phase for your evidence-based Decision

Evaluating a Learning Management System (LMS) is a complex process that entails consequences. It is a fact that a demo version is not quite informative enough.

Thus we offer you to test TCmanager® LMS independently by using your own data in your own system environment.


We recommend a Test Installation

A test installation proves to be superior to a demo version when making an informed decision regarding a specific Learning Management System (LMS).

The reasons for this are diverse and critical to the success of your training organization.

Pilot team
  1. Real Environment: A test installation allows you to work with the LMS in a real environment. This provides you with the opportunity to evaluate the user interface, functionality, and user-friendliness firsthand. With a configuration that suits your needs from the outset, you ensure that the system aligns with your individual requirements.

  2. Integration: Examine the integration of the LMS into your existing IT infrastructure. Seamless integration is crucial for efficiently managing data and workflows. Identify and resolve any compatibility issues early on.

  3. Performance: Evaluate the LMS's performance through testing in a real training situation. Assess its ability to handle high-frequency usage, the functionality of processes and administration, as well as user interaction.

  4. Feedback: With a test installation, you can gather feedback from training administrators, instructors, and learners. Their evaluation is invaluable for ensuring that the chosen LMS meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Demoversion or Testinstallation?




Testing Period



Customization to specific needs

Fully customizable

Limited customization options

Functionality testing

Realistic usage scenarios

Limited functionality

Integration with existing systems

Realistic integration testing

Limited integration options

Data migration and security

Full control

Limited data control

User feedback

Obtain real user feedback

Limited feedback possible

User suppport & personal contact

Personal consultancy, training and support





What happens in a Test Phase?

  1. Implementation: We  implement TCmanager® LMS in your system landscape or in the cloud.
  2. Configuration: We configure the system and processes according to your specification. A first data transfer from your actual system allows your pilot-team to work with familiar information.
  3. Training: We train your test team thoroughly to enable your pilot-team to approve TCmanager® systematically. We are available for you any time to support you and answer your questions.
  4. Review: Together we review your test results and testing processes. We show more possibilities and ways to reach your goal.
  5. Decision: You judge - based on your experiences - if the LMS makes the mark. You let us know if you would like to try other configurations, settings or adjustments.
  6. Go Life: Once you have decided, we go live with your tested and optimized version, so you can go-ahead your enterprise wide rollout.


  • In contrast to a demo version, a test installation of an LMS enables you to make a fact-based decision rather than merely gaining a superficial impression.
  • The testing phase allows you to select the best resources to suit your training objectives, ensuring that your LMS decision is a long-term success.

Therefore, implementing an LMS should always begin with a test installation rather than experimenting with a superficial demo version. Ensure confidence when making this crucial decision.

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