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Qualification profiles outline the skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary for specific roles. They are essential for training centers and staff development, providing the framework for customized curricula that ensure learners gain pertinent expertise.



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Function Overview

  1. Qualification Profile Management: TCmanager® Qualification Management enables the creation and management of individual, including multi-level, qualification profiles for employees. This includes information about job profiles, responsibilities, and educational history.
  2. Training Tracking: An important function is the recording and tracking of training. This involves adding training data, setting expiration dates for training, and notifications about upcoming training.
  3. Information and Reminders: The software informs employees and managers about expiring qualifications or upcoming training. Automatic notifications can be sent upon request.
  4. Document Management: Documents such as certificates, licenses, and training materials can be uploaded, stored, and retrieved.
  5. Reporting and Analysis: Managers and personnel development expect reporting features that provide reports on qualifications, training, and compliance.
  6. Compliance Management: The software provides features for monitoring and ensuring compliance with legal requirements and industry standards. This includes creating compliance reports and tracking the expiration dates of certificates and licenses.
  7. Search and Filter Functions: Users can easily identify specific qualifications, suitable training, or employees with relevant qualifications using search and filter functions.
  8. Integration: TCmanager® Qualification Management software can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems such as HR systems or corporate databases.
  9. User Roles and Permissions: The administrative component supports detailed management of user roles and permissions. This ensures that only authorized individuals can access specific qualification data.
  10. Audit Trail: A logging function that tracks changes to qualification data is important to ensure data integrity and meet compliance requirements.
  11. Mobility and Cloud Access: Responsive training portals allow access to qualification functions from various devices and locations. This can be relevant when working with distributed teams or field employees.
  12. Scalability: TCmanager® Qualification Management is infinitely scalable and grows with your business success. The software supports an unlimited number of qualifications and employees.
  13. Notifications and Alerts: The ability to set up automatic notifications and alerts when qualifications or training are expiring or not met can be important.
  14. User-Friendliness: Learning platforms and training portals can reflect your corporate design upon request. This promotes acceptance and use by employees.

Structured Qualification Architecture

Qualification profiles serve as dynamic blueprints for skill development, encompassing single qualifications as well as subordinated qualification profiles, which can be adjusted and reassigned any time.  This flexibility reduces complexity and allows for a holistic approach to competence management.

Qualifications can be acquired through diverse lerning formats, such as courses, e-learnings, or tests. One particular leaning unit can impart several different qualifications. Multiple learning units can convey the same qualification, offering learners various pathways to expertise, skills, and knowledge acquisition.

► Our Software for Qualification Management ensures seamless Qualification processes, by its direct connection to our training administration.

  • Crucially, these qualification profiles are assigned to employees or external learners, acting as personalized guides for their professional growth.
  • To ensure ongoing relevance in fast-paced industries, qualifications must be regularly refreshed. Learners and managers access their qualification status through a personal training portal, with reminders ensuring timely updates.
  • In today's dynamic workforce, qualification profiles streamline skill management, offering a flexible, multifaceted approach to competency development.

Audit-Proofed Staff Qualification

In numerous industries, such as banking or healthcare, audit-proof qualifications are indispensable for regulatory audits. Demonstrating learners' up-to-date knowledge and skills is vital for meeting crucial compliance standards.

This assurance is achieved through validated tests, certification schemes, and comprehensive e-learning tracking.

Characteristics of professional Qualification Management Software

Qualification Management software facilitates the efficient and timely alignment of job profiles with qualifications. It ensures compliance requirements are met, guaranteeing regulatory adherence.

Self Service for Qualification Management

TCmanager®'s Training Portals play a pivotal role in streamlining qualification management for both staff and management as they provide them with self serving features.

Qualification Profile Team's qualification Status - Manager Portal
  • Employee Empowerment: TCmanager® LMS learning portals enable employees to easily track their qualification history, upcoming training, and necessary refreshers.

  • Proactive Qualification Tracking: Managers and staff developers gain real-time insights into their teams' qualification status, simplifying oversight.

  • Streamlined Enrollment: Managers can enroll team members directly through the portal, ensuring relevant training and compliance.

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