Professional Learning Management System (LMS)

Versatile & flexible Learning Management Solution

  • TCmanager® LMS is the professional Learning Management System for advanced training centers and academies.
  • Perfect workflows & adjustable functionality support your Online & In-person training.
  • TCmanager® LMS is designed for qualification of staff and external target groups.


Learning Management System TCmanager® LMS - versatile & flexible

LMS for structured Qualification

TCmanager® is the versatile Learning Management System for professional academies and corporate learning.

  • Learning Platform
  • Qualification Management
  • Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
  • Training Portals
  • Course Administration
  • and much more ...

Professional learning architecture for challenging learning projects and individual process design - without hype and buzzwords.

Highlights of our LMS

TCmanager® LMS is the established Learning Management System for advanced Learning Architecture. Experience professional Learning Landscape with a uniquely extensive functionalities, a wide array of configuration settings for individual adjustments, and our tailored service offerings.


TCmanager® LMS Functionalities

LMS Overview


TCmanager® LMS matches all different perspectives to suit the requirements of 

  • Training Administrators
  • Managers
  • Staff development
  • Internal & external Learners
  • Instructors

The central administration unit defines individual processes and detailed access rights. When new developments require changes, you can adjust the configuration anytime yourself - completely independent from us and without any additional cost.

Cloud or onPremise? It's up to you!

Cloud Service


TCmanager® LMS is a cloud-based solution. Choose from our hosting options. The Learning Management System may 

  • run on your own server landscape,
  • be installed in a data center of your choice, or
  • be managed for you by our hosting services. 

In any case TCmanager® LMS is GDPR compliant.

We keep our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certifications always up to date.

Thorough Testing - Good Decisions

Test Phase


There is just one way to reach a fact based decision when choosing a LMS. Test it with your own processes and data to make sure that it meets your requirements - now and in future.

We offer you a supported testing period, completely with configuration, training and professional consultancy services.

In-Depth System Integration

Interface Design


Interfaces and webservice based connectivity are your foundations for company-wide data exchange. Elevate your level of digitization!

With some web development know-how, you can use our application programming interface (API) independently to develop your own learning environment - whilst still benefiting from the advantages of the most versatile Learning Management System on the market.

Free Tool: Compiling your LMS Requirements

Compiling LMS Requirements


Putting together an LMS specification is of paramount importance when it comes to selecting and integrating a Learning Management System. It guarantees alignment with the organization's requirements and future scalability.

We offer comprehensive support, including: 

  • checklists
  • step-by-step guide
  • a dedicated tool to help you gather your requirements efficiently - for free!


Image Gallery


Get a quick & in-depth impression of TCmanager® LMS.

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  • Learning platforms
  • Training portals
  • Training Administration
  • Qualification Management
  • LMS Administration

Trust our References



Amongst our customer base you will find professional training organizations of all sectors.

Even though they specialize in their individual training challenges, they have one thing in common: they all place their trust in TCmanager® LMS and SoftDeCC since many years.

Our Service Portfolio

Our Services


We offer you a broad service portfolio to support you in making the most of TCmanager® LMS.

  • Technical Consultancy
  • Testing Period
  • User Hotline
  • Hosting Services
  • Development
  • Interfaces Design

What makes TCmanager® LMS special?

All Targetgroups

Provide training for employees and external target groups.

LMS for Blended Learning

Seminars, eLearning, training programs and Blended Learning by one LMS.

Adjust Settings independently

Adust Settings independently from a vendor - any time!

Deep Systemintegration

Deep System Integration lifts your degree of digitalization to a new level.

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