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Lernlandschaft in Bewegung

Organisationskultur und Unternehmensumwelt beeinflussen sich gegenseitig. So wirken sie auch auf eine kontinuierliche Veränderung der Lernkultur und damit auch auf das Design digitaler Lernlandschaften aus. Die Kombination aus Learning Management System LMS, virtuellen Klassenzimmern, Learning Experience Plattformen muss dem angepasst werden. Die sich verändernden Anforderungen Lernender und anderer Benutzergruppen müssen erfasst, konsolidiert und umgesetzt werden. Erfolgsfaktoren sind die unterstützenden Methoden der modellbasierten Nutzungsanforderungsanalyse und Lean UX. Kontinuerliche Entwicklungsarbeit zieht veränderte Anforderungen an die Auswahl von Dienstleistern und die Kooperation mit dem Entwicklungspartner nach sich...

Lesen Sie hier gratis den gesamten Fachartikel "Lernlandschaft in Bewegung".

Was ist ein LMS - ein Definitionsprojekt

Begriffe wie Learning Management System, kurz LMS, Lernplattform oder Elearning sind in Akademie und Personalentwicklung gängig. Und doch entstehen unter Learning Professionals oftmals Missverständnisse, da die Bedeutung unterschiedlich interpretiert wird. Ist ein LMS gleichbedeutend mit einer Lernplattform? Welche Funktionen muss ein LMS enthalten und welche Bedeutung hat dies für den Anwender?

Diesen und andere Fragen gin gehen wir in unserem White Paper "Was ist ein LMS?" nach. Auch unser kleiner Exkurs: "LMS, eine semantische Analyse" ist der Definition eines Learning Management Systems auf der Spur.

Tacheles: So geht Digitalisierung im Corporate Learning

Digitalisierung ist das Schlagwort 2017, auch im Bereich Personal und Corporate Learning. Medienübergreifend verwendet, stellt sich dennoch die Frage, was die digitale Transformation für lernende Organisationen eigentlich bedeutet. Digitalisierungsgrad, Digital Natives und digitale Kompetenzen dürfen für Personalentwickler und Trainingszentren keine Fremdworte sein. Unser White Paper zeigt konkret die Erfolgsfaktoren der Digitalisierung auf und gibt Impulse zur Herangehensweise.

Guide to LMS Selection

Are you thinking of introducing a new Learning Management System (LMS) or exchanging your old training administration software for a better one?

Then you have a challenging project coming up. This paper offers you some guidance of aspects to consider and steps to take for a successful change.

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Product Trainings - A Success Factor in Industry

Product trainings are key contributors in successful industries, especially if products require explanation or high maintenance.

Not only legal obligations such as product liability can be answered. Product trainings are essential to customer retention and underline the demands on quality you have concerning your products, your service- and sales staff and yourself.

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Education Controlling and Transfer

Education controlling and transfer ratio (theory-to-practise) are essential issues in HR training. HR development does not simply organize routine courses and training sessions, but needs to know details about how successful their efforts are. How much do we get out of our training efforts, what stops our staff from being more successful or efficient after their training session, how can we improve our training offer?

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Top Ten LMS-Lists and their Value

Websites of various software companies offer you 'objective lists' of the 'definitively best Learning Management Systems', introduce you to 'Top Ten of Training Software'.

We were wondering what the real value of these lists is and we introduce some doubt as to their value.

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IT for professional Training

IT support by an LMS (Learning Management System), training administration software and qualifcation / talent management is indisposible for enterprises which want to secure future success and qualitative excellence.

Employing appropriate software for staff training and HR development is not a matter of cost, but a matter of investment with a leverage effect on market success.

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  • Especially created for Training and Qualification

    Since 2015 YASKAWA is SoftDeCC's customer and employs TCmanager® LMS. After a thorough evaluation of suitable management tools for our corporate training we are happy to have decided for SoftDeCC. It is immediately apparent that this software has been especially developed for training and qualification management. We gained instantly broader possibilities than required and demandet. We are certain, that we have equipped our training centre future-oriented and will increase efficiency as well as our training quality by the use of TCmanager®.

    Torben Schäfer, Manager YASKAWA ACADEMY, YASKAWA Europe GmbH
  • Innovative and Reliable

    Since 1998 SoftDeCC is a solid part of the German eLearning landscape. SoftDeCC has always been a reliable partner who contributes with interesting articles to our journal. Also continuous attentions have been drawn to SoftDeCC due to innovative projects, which have been submitted in the competition of our eLearning Award.

    Frank Siepmann, Chief Editor, elearning Journal
  • Functionportfolio and Usability

    Our high demands concerning functionality on one hand and usability at the same time where perfectly met by SoftDeCC by employing individual solutions. The always competent advice and support were especially helpful, same as the constructive and solution-oriented discussions. The high reliability and the pleasant contact have established a very good cooperation.


    Astrid Werner, HDZ-Branch Stuttgart
  • SoftDeCC is our Reliable Partner

    TCmanager offers everything what can be wished for when searching for an appropriate tool for a training center. Our worldwide training offer for sales partner and customers is today supported by targetgroup optimated trainingsportals. The administration of events, enrolments and resources features a logical set-up and can be operated by intuition. Clear reports can readily be generated at anytime. We will face our future training and elearning challenges together with SoftDeCC, who is our reliable partner.

    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jan Henrik Holk, Head of Training Center, Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone GmbH
  • Excellent Support

    act-Academy (previously Siemens Academy) offers practice oriented apprenticeship and services across all IT-issues. Since over 25 years we centre around our customers' needs. TCmanager® offers us optimum support. All processes and tasks such as course planning, entolment, participant administration, website, CRM and project management are managed using TCmanager. Also the excellent support of SoftDeCC is to be mentioned.

    Daniel Bachmann, Managing Director, act-Academy GmbH
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